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About Us

Empowering rural women economically through poultry farming

Kuku Kienyeji Farm

Kuku Kienyeji Farm is an out-grower social franchise network for rural women in free range chicken farming that uses mobile technology to provide trainings, technical support, financing and access to markets for the rural women.

The Problem

Individual rural women practicing free range chicken farming in Kenya are faced with a range of challenges including:

  • Lack of access to quality farm inputs
  • Lack of access to agribusiness knowledge
  • Lack of access to financing
  • Lack of access to market linkages

These limitations condemn then to subsistence farming practices that contribute to the vicious cycle of extreme poverty in our rural areas.

The Solution

We are changing this status quo by economically empowering these rural women to transition to commercial poultry farming

Our Solution

We are changing this status quo by economically empowering these rural women to transition to commercial poultry farming,how?

Our solution is a hub & spoke social franchise network model that brings together rural women in free range kari improved chicken farming; and supports them to efficiently & effectively access the following key agribusiness services:

Quality Farm Inputs

We manage an online pooled procurement system that helps the farmers access quality products at affordable prices & from reliable suppliers

Technical Support & Trainings

We provide technical support and trainings to our network members via mobile technology & extension services to equip them with agronomic & business skills


Through our farmers’ owned SACCO, partnerships with financial institutions & suppliers and our online farmer platform, we provide our network members with access to affordable & customized financing options

Market Linkages

We manage a collective selling system that gives our network members a higher bargaining power in the market; and also provide direct market accessibility physically and via our online market platform to eliminate agents and ensure maximum return on investment to our network members


Kuku+ is our online platform through which we deliver our capacity building services to our farmers and link them to the markets. We also use the platform to help retailers of poultry products reach their buyers too. Through GPRS location settings, our farmers, retailers and restaurants’ locations can be easily identified hence giving the buyer the convenience of getting the chicken product that they want from a place nearest to them.


We use a two-staged hub & spoke social franchise model as our operating strategy. Kuku Kienyeji Farm is the franchisor and the main central hub within the network. We then have the second level of village hubs through which we have direct contact with the individual franchisees in our network. The village hubs have a minimum of 5 members and a maximum of 50 members each. For each village hub we have a leader who coordinates activities on the ground in collaboration with the team members from the main hub/franchisor (Kuku Kienyeji Farm).

Our Team

The A team...cogs in the well-oiled Kuku Kienyeji farm machine
  • obinda
    Robert Brian Obinga
    Finance & Operations Director
  • Jeremy photo
    Jeremy Riro
    Strategy & Partnerships Director


Alone we can do so little, Together we do so much...our partners
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