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Poultry Management Tips During The Rainy Season

The rainy skuku kienyejieason is one that is not as good for you and me as it is for poultry. With the onset of rains and the catastrophic events accompanied by it then arises precautionary measures. Just like you and I would wish to continue benefiting from the stock of poultry so does t
he poultry themselves clutch close to each other and hope for sunny days ahead. But before it gets sunny and a few birds sold or left to go the “natural” way what then are some of the considerations for farmers to take up or be aware of during the rainy season.

Housing Management

As the cool weather has already crept in the farmer, have to put in place special considerations. One of which is the shelter from the rain that is the need to have coops that are of the average considerations to prevent birds from being rained on. This can be in the coops as well as shelter areas for emergency situations. There is a need to ensure that the birds have a place to get away from the rain. Chicken too do not like the hard rains and would prefer to be under cover. As a farmer, you have to take measures to have roosts so that birds do not sleep on wet grounds. Temperature is not much of consideration to the health of mature birds except when this gets to a freezing point. However, the young ones should be under controlled temperatures. Litter management should be an area of concern during wet seasons. As the continuous turning and shaking of litter once a week is advisable. There is a need for the litter to be dry to and once it gets wet to be changed immediately. Wet litter promotes microbial growth that can be harmful to the birds in addition to producing toxic gasses not conducive to poultry health. The spraying of germicides and bactericidal sprays is essential in keeping diseases at bay. (more…)

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