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chicksA) Effect of high brooding temperature

High brooding temperature causes the following problems:

The body of young chicks comprises of about 70 % water, when temperature remains continuously high, it causes loss of water from the body, when this water loss reaches about 10% the chick die due to dehydration.

This is another problem of high brooding temperature in which feces become stacked around the vent area causing blockage of the vent which ultimately results in death.

B) Effect of low brooding temperature

Low brooding temperature causes the following problems:

Chilling or brooding pneumonia:
Temperature below normal causes pneumonia problem in young chicks, in which the colour of lungs become blue.

During low temperature chicks huddle together to maintain body temperature which results in smothering and death.

>Prevention of temperature problems:
To prevent the problems of dehydration, pasting, chilling and smothering we should adjust the brooding room temperature 24 hours before putting the chicks in the brooding room and during the brooding period. Try to maintain the normal temperature throughout the brooding period and brooding areas. (more…)

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